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We understand that marketing is a crucial aspect of any successful book launch, and that’s why we offer a variety of marketing services to help authors get their books in front of the right audience.

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Book Store Returnability Program
Before submitting your book to printers,we will tag your book as returnable.This will enhance your sales potential since bookstore owners are more comfortable in displaying copies that are returnable.
Spotlight T.V Interview
Choose the most extensive T.V Network Interview platform for your book marketing campaign
Goodreads Giveaway
This is a social media platform for books lovers with over 90 million members. We will advertise your book for 30 days and give 100 lucky members a copy for a book review
Press Release Campaign
Reach your target audience through our Press Release Promotion that employs multi-channel distribution, social campaigns, and our team will announce your book via a compelling article to over 1000 media outlets like T.V, radio,magazine and web pages.
Ingram iPage Listing
Ingram's online ordering platform, iPage makes it easy for bookstores and libraries to search, discover and order books just like yours.
Professional Book Reviews
Reviews are so important for authors, not only to assist them with advertising but to give the author valuable feedback on their work.
All Author and Twitter Advertisements
Increase your book promotions and book publicity in 180 days with our AllAuthor and Twitter Advertisements.
Full Movie Screenplay
A Screenplay acts as a blueprint for what will be shown on the big screen. Filmmakers can capture the feel, mood, emotion, and style of the story by using the screenplay, which comprises all dialogue, character descriptions with pictures, and all of the action in the movie.